Looking after your Jewellery


All my items are handmade with care. Here are some tips to keep them looking at their best:


  • After wearing your jewellery, clean by polishing lightly with a soft cloth before storing.

  • To help reduce tarnishing, which naturally occurs on sterling silver, store jewellery away from exposure to air, ideally wrapped in a soft cloth or in a zip lock plastic bag.

  • Put your jewellery on after applying perfumes and hairsprays, to avoid direct contact with the spray.

  • Avoid wearing silver jewellery when using bleach or whilst swimming, as chlorine and salt can cause discoloration.

  • Remove jewellery before exercising or any hard physical work, e.g. gardening, to prevent damage – and so you don’t lose it!

  • Silver dips can make your jewellery sparkly again, but are very harsh; if you must use, follow instructions carefully and never use on jewellery with stones or pearls. Rinse well afterwards.

  • Never immerse non-metal components in liquid as this may cause damage.

  • Some of my pieces have an oxidised finish, which gives a dark, aged look. This will eventually remove with wear, especially on raised areas, revealing the natural bright silver. This is not a flaw but gives the piece character individual to the wearer. It is possible to re-oxidise a piece if required.







If your jewellery needs a facelift or a special clean, please contact me

as I can offer a polishing and re-conditioning service

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